What’s in a Name?

Learn more about the Cedar & Burwell history
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Our Name’s History

Our Mission is to help leaders harness the synergy and skills of diversity and inclusion.

CEO and Principal, Robert Greene, has an interesting story to share about how the Cedar & Burwell name was, and still continues to be, influenced by diversity, understanding and cultural inclusion.

My mother’s parents lived on Cedar Street and my dad’s father lived on Burwell Avenue – both in Louisville, KY…

As told by Robert Greene:

henever we made our frequent trips to Louisville, those places became the center of my world. Beyond the nostalgia, the memories and images of Cedar (Street) & Burwell (Avenue) remind me of “home”, specifically a deep grounding in trust, core values, respect, loyalty, a sense of teamwork and belonging … peppered and fueled by an unending dedication to growth, achievement and prosperity.

In addition, memories of Cedar & Burwell also speak to the diversity that is typically inherent in families, often in greater degrees of thought and personality and other identities than what we create in our circles of close friends. In my family in Louisville and beyond, that was and is certainly true.

What was always remarkable, however, is that every reunion, project or crisis response was enriched by deliberating leveraging the insights and contributions from those diverse relatives, many of whom never failed to surprise with the quality of their input, even in the face of our biases against some of the differences in their thoughts, perspectives, and approaches.

Navigating differences in families often requires an advanced skillset in culturally competent inclusion – just imagine reliving some of those challenging holiday gatherings. These indelible and enduring memories and images of Cedar & Burwell in many ways represent the essence of who I am as a consultant and frame the experience we’d love our clients to have with all of the Cedar & Burwell Strategic Consulting (CBSC) team, which is completely dedicated to their success, and wraps them in our collective expertise to their immense benefit. Everything that was warm and trusting and innovative and resilient about the years spent on Cedar & Burwell is brought to bear in our every client partnership and engagement.

And we commit to doing everything we can to help you find your trusted consulting home with (on) Cedar & Burwell.

With regards,

Robert Greene
CEO and Founder

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